Severus Lodge 7864.

Consecrated, 6 March 1963.

Meeting at Falmouth House, Hexham Road, Throckley.

Commencing at 7:00 pm

First Wednesday.  Except July, August.



The Family Tree


Severus Lodge No 7864


All Saints Lodge. Wooler 231 Consecrated 13 December 1802

Northern Counties Lodge 406 Consecrated 20 April 1831

St Peters Lodge 481 Consecrated 29 June 1842

 Walker Lodge 1342 Consecrated 11 March 1871

Tynedale Lodge 3067 Consecrated 25 January 1905

Nepos Lodge 6570 Consecrated 30 January 1948

Severus Lodge 7864 Consecrated 6 March 1963

SEVERUS lodge was formed from Nepos Lodge. The name SEVERUS, being suggested by W.Bro. Roy Harrison 1912 2000. WM of Nepos Lodge in 1951, to follow the tradition of the Roman wall. SEVERUS Lodge was consecrated at the cooperative buildings Walbottle on Wednesday 6th of March 1963 by the Right Worshipful Brother J. M. S. Coates. O.B.E. Provincial Grand Master of Northumberland.


Alus Platonius Nepos was Governor of Britain in AD 122, when he was charged, by Emperor Hadrian, to build and consolidate a wall between Segedunum (Wallsend) and the Solway Firth. The wall was completed in AD.130.

In AD 192 Emperor Commodus was assassinated, he was succeeded by Emperor SEVERUS, after a power struggle, his main contender being Cledius Albainus, at that time governor of Britain, who, in AD 197, left the northern frontier of Britain undefended; during his campaign against SEVERUS. The barbarians finding the wall almost undefended, broke in and systematically devastated the forts and fortresses. Virus Lupus, the first governor sent to Britain by SEVERUS, set about the task of rebuilding the wall, which commenced in AD 205. Emperor SEVERUS, with his two sons Caracalla and Geta, came to Britain in AD 208 and advanced against the Caledonians, these campaigns lasted three seasons; the third season was preceded by the death of Emperor SEVERUS at York in AD 211.